A group of women with a mission to promote the livestock industry, work for better beef publicity, and become acquainted with others in the same industry through philanthropic, leadership, and social activities.

NDSU Collegiate CattleWomen

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NDSU Collegiate CattleWomen 2021-2022

Campus Activities

Ag Olympics Sept 2021

Beef Block Party Sept 2021

2021-2022 Officer Team

Before the end of the 2022 Spring semester, some of our cattlewomen met with Nicole from the North Dakota Beef Commission to have a grilling session. Each member or pair of members was tasked with grilling a different cut of meat. After all meat was cooked, we got to taste each of the cuts and compare the flavor. It was a great way to spend the spring afternoon! And a special thank you to North Dakota Beef Commission for the demo! #eatbeef #cattlewomen

May 2022 Grilling Session with ND Beef Commission

May 2022 Grilling Session with ND Beef Commission