2022 NDCW Photo Contest 

January  2023

Our January Facebook cover photo comes to us from Anissa Gregor of Milnor, ND District 7 Cattlewoman and State Treasurer.  Carly loves feeding bottle calves with Grandma Nissa. This day was on the colder side, and she said, “Grandma, my tongue is even cold!” This little cattlewoman never asked to go home though!

2022 NDCW Photo Contest 

December 2022

Our December Facebook cover photo comes to us from Wendy Tecca of Solen ND, Tecca Ranch Our first Angus Cross Speckle Park Bull Calf. Picture take on Mother's Day. Our first F1 Bull Calf. 

2022 NDCW Photo Contest 

November 2022

Our November Facebook cover photo comes to us from Becca Anderson of the Bartholomay Kattle Kompany in Sheldon, ND. This picture is a bred heifer we had. One of my favorite things to do after work is walk through the bred heifers and see how everyone is doing. So my blue heeler and I sat in the feed bunk to chill with all the ladies. And this one came up and let me snap a picture of her. 

2022 NDCW Photo Contest 

October 2022

  Our October Facebook cover photo comes to us from Crystal Hotovec of Pettibone, ND.  Miss Minnie also known as my husband would say “my yard dog” .We raised her from a pail calf and she is always curious to checking things out and see what one is up too and she loves treat time!! 

2022 NDCW Photo Contest 

September 2022

Our September Facebook cover photo comes to us from Kacey Isbell of Solen, ND Isbell Livestock Sunrise at the Isbell Ranch - Heaven on earth is a sunrise and livestock on the horizon. 

2022 NDCW Photo Contest 

August 2022

Our August Facebook Cover Photo comes to us from Meagan Voigt Miller of New Salem, ND, with photo credit to Raegen Miller Raleigh Miller spends a little quiet time with her steer Rowdy. Rowdy the steer was actually a bottle calf that they raised and fed for a year and a half before we took him to the butcher shop and enjoyed him for the next year! 

2022 NDCW Photo Contest 

July 2022

July's NDCW Facebook cover photo comes to us from
Lynelle Jacobson, Jacobson Ranch of Rhame, ND
"Best Buddies- I was able to caputure a special moment between Tori and Bill her 4H steer!!"

North Dakota Cattle
May 2022 Photo Contest 

🥩Beef Month Photo Contest!!!📸

We want your pictures!!!
🍔 Pictures of cattle
🍔 Pictures of people with cattle
🍔 Pictures of people cooking beef
🍔 Year-round pictures- each season!!!
🍔 Anything related to beef!

You can post a recent photo to our NDCW Facebook page. Be sure to include a caption with your picture.
This year there is a limit of 2 photo entries per person.

Winners will be chosen at our State Convention in June!

Winners will be showcased on our NDCW Facebook page, and on our website.
Each month one of the winning photos will be our Facebook Cover photo.